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      參展申請 參觀登記

      2024 The 20th Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition

      Date: May 6-8, 2024        Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

      Expected scale: 50,000 square meters exhibition area 1,500 exhibiting brands 60,000 visitors 20+ concurrent activities


      Support unit:

      Guangzhou shoe Industry Chamber of Commerce

      Ningbo leather Industry Association

      Shanghai Garment Footwear and hat trade Association

      Guangzhou Baiyun district footwear leather goods Chamber of Commerce

      Asian Footwear Chamber of Commerce

      Shanghai leather network

      Exhibition introduction:

      The 20th Shanghai International Footwear Expo (hereinafter referred to as SISES Shanghai Footwear Expo) will be held in Shanghai New World Expo Center on May 6-8. It is a famous finished shoes exhibition in China. The exhibition has been held since 2003 and has been successfully held for 19 times. Since 2019, it has moved to Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition is hosted by Shanghai Leather Technology Association, Zhejiang Leather Industry Association and Guangdong Leather Association, Organized by Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd., it has received strong support from relevant industry organizations such as the Guangzhou Shoe Industry Association, Ningbo Leather Industry Association, Shanghai Clothing, Footwear and Hats Commercial Industry Association, Guangzhou Baiyun District Shoe and Leather Industry Association, Asian Shoe Industry Association, Shanghai Leather Network, etc. The exhibition aims to establish a new digital future and upgrade industries, and is based in Shanghai, radiating national and even global commerce and trade, Assist enterprises in opening up the overall market situation. The exhibition brings together various brand enterprises in the categories of men's shoes, women's shoes, casual shoes, home shoes, shoe materials, intelligent devices, etc., providing a one-stop service platform for professionals in the footwear industry to purchase and exchange professional and efficient products.


      Scope of Exhibition:

      Finished products: men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, sports shoes, snowshoes, sandals, casual shoes, slippers, sports shoes, fashion shoes, indoor shoes, labor protection shoes, dance shoes, warm shoes, boots, beach shoes, cloth shoes, craft shoes, special function shoes, etc.

      Materials and equipment: leather, shoe materials, shoe chemicals, shoe hardware/accessories, shoe machinery, shoe packaging, smart factory, smart software, intelligent manufacturing equipment, sewing equipment, knitting machinery, flying shoe upper, digital printing, laser equipment, etc

      Industrial digitalization: digital platform, 3D, CAD/CAM system


      Booth Price:

      Foreign enterprises: 3500USD/94660USD/12bare ground 350USD/

      Double opening fee: 1000 RMB/piece

      Booth equipment descr1ption:

      Boutique booth: Each booth includes: 2 tables, 4 chairs, 4 spotlights, garbage cans, 1 power socket, carpet, lintel board.

      Light area booth: provide light area, the construction fee is borne by the exhibitor



      Advertising cost:

      Website advertising: 8,000 yuan /2 months

      Home page advertising: Price: Main column advertising 8,000 yuan

      Buyer's invitation: 30,000 yuan for the full cover

      The full page of the advertisement on the back of the ticket is 20,000 yuan

      Visitor guide

      Cover $15,000 / issue

      Inner page full edition RMB 8,000 / issue

      Buyer's card lanyard advertising: title fee 20,000 yuan (must have the shoe Expo logo)

      Back of the buyer's certificate: The advertising space on the back of the certificate is 20,000 yuan

      Bulletin advertisement

      Cover 30,000 Yuan

      The back cover is 20,000 yuan

      Color inside pages 8,000 yuan

      Exhibition tote bag: 20,000 yuan (title fee, not including production fee)

      Landing lobby Registration Office Advertising: Price: 25,000 yuan /1 package

      South Square large billboard: 30,000 yuan/piece

      Advertisement: 800 yuan/square meter

      Gallery Guide Banner: 16,000 yuan/gallery (including production cost)

      Overall advertisement for Connecting electric vehicles between museums: 5,000 yuan/vehicle (total of 6 vehicles)

      Hanging flag advertisement in the museum: 20,000 yuan/car


      Reason for exhibition

      1. China's leading professional finished footwear industry event

      Each session of tens of thousands of square meters of exhibition area, 60,000 professional buyers, has been successfully held 19 sessions, for the majority of footwear customers to provide a one-stop procurement trade platform.

      2. Based in Shanghai radiation global trade

      Shanghai, as China's economic center and an international metropolis of commerce and trade, has a leading position of business advantage in the global scope. CIF FAIR is based in Shanghai, opening the overall market for exhibitors.

      3. Focus on original design and lead the new trend of footwear industry from the source

      Bring together brand products, highlight novel ideas, protect original design.

      The introduction of original national tide elements to create a high-end footwear procurement platform

      4 Huge professional buyer invitation network

      The huge buyer database brings you a broad and efficient marketing channel. Comprehensive professional domestic and overseas buyers organization planning and targeted marketing, multi-channel accurate invitation and VIP buyer reception services to ensure the quality of buyers.

      5 Mass exposure detonation propagation

      365 days a day online and offline promotion strategy, through outdoor advertising, all-media integrated marketing, hundreds of media cooperation channels, strong detonating industry attention.

      6 Big events with big names

      "Exhibition" and "will" integration, in order to promote the development of the industry as its own responsibility, committed to leading the development of the footwear industry, the exhibition held the China footwear industry development Summit Forum, exchange meeting, resource matching meeting and other activities. Big coffee gathering, dry goods sharing for the industry to build a platform for exchange and learning.


      High quality forum + event link industry innovation and upgrading


      2024 China Footwear High-quality Development Conference

      2024 Live + group purchase dual-channel selection meeting

      2024 China Footwear Cross-border E-commerce Forum

      2024 Footwear raw materials and intelligent manufacturing equipment New product conference

      2024 New generation of shoe brand design code

      2024 Footwear Smart Manufacturing and Fashion Design Summit

      2024 shoes and bags industrial park Chamber of Commerce


      All media communication precision industry reach


      Official website

      Telephone invitation

      Direct mail promotion

      Official wechat

      Short message platform

      Industry wechat group

      Mass mailing

      Trade journal

      Similar exhibition

      Big data platform

      Outdoor advertising

      Trade association

      Industrial base

      Specialized market


      New media integrated marketing

      Web advertorial


      Audience composition


      Brand audience:

      Shoe brand

      Apparel brand

      Designer brand

      Fashion buyer

      Electronic goods brand

      Channel audience

      E-commerce platforms at home and abroad

      Shopping center

      Department store super




      Import and export trader

      Other audience

      Industry service provider

      Trade association


      Exhibitor Contact:

      Mr. Jiang Email: info@shyhzl.com.cn

      鞋博會推廣|溫州之行——“引進來 走出去”,鞋業內生外延齊并進

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